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Caring for Life, Preparing for Death, A workshop manual for facilitators - SOLD OUT

The manual is still available as a download.  While we make no charge for the download, we ask for a donation.  The booklet has now sold out but will be revised and republished.  Please contact us to be notified when it is next available.

This manual is a guide for people who want to run workshops about dying, death and loss within their own community.  It offers a framework for the whole series, broken down into individual modules, so that anyone can confidently plan either a single workshop or a series of events.  The aim of the workshops is to give participants information, vocabulary and a chance to discuss end of life issues with encouragement to start planning for the end of life.

The manual gives information on aims, topics, timings, and who to contact as expert speakers. Each module includes handouts for participants, which can be photocopied.  Notes are also included as extended support for the facilitator along with an explanation brief to give to any invited expert speakers.

 The modules are: 

  • Preparatory session : to introduce the workshops and agree ground rules
  • Planning : to know how to start making legal and financial plans
  • Caring for life : to gain an insight into available support and care options
  • Preparing for death : to consider available plans and understand the process of dying
  • Talking about death : to develop ideas for starting end-of-life conversations
  • What to do when someone dies : to know the administrative necessities and funeral options
  • Bereavement : to understand the natural processes of grief and when to seek help
  • Finale : to summarise the workshop series and encourage further planning and action

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Review for the workshop manuals:

We ran a short course looking at some of the issues surrounding ageing and dying over 5 weeks.  Far being a gloomy and dismal subject, all the participants engaged actively with the topic and with tea and cake as refreshments (provided by the participants), it became a really good focus group to talk about a topic that is often considered taboo.  We had over 40 people there each week, considering the legal and medical impact of old age and dying, as well as hearing from a funeral director on some of those practicalities.  It was wonderful to have the Finity workbook and to know that there are other experts working in this field, so that it can be something that can be talked about not hidden away.  

I would heartily recommend to anyone the merits of having such a discussion group - the Finity resources provide a really helpful framework if you don't want to put it together yourself, and it met a real need in our community.  

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