Yes, but where and how do I start?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself questions:

  • What are your circumstances?  Are you old?  Ill?  Worried?  Or concerned about someone else?
  • What are your priorities?  Now and in the future.  Do you have a Will?  Do you need help?  Would you like to move?
  • Do you just want to get some administrative formalities in place?  Or are you thinking more of where to live and what medical care you would like?


Decide if you want some legal or formal plans for your future 

Write a Will - a solicitor can help if you need guidance.

Consider legal cover in case you lose mental capacity: A Lasting Power of Attorney.


How would you like the end of your life to be?

Identifying your priorities before a crisis allows for considered decisions and better outcomes.  What would you like in an ideal world?  What are the options?  What compromises would you be prepared to make?  Remember that what matters to you most may change over time and circumstance. 


My End of Life Plan?

The Paradigm sponsored first print of the book, ‘My End of Life Plans’ is now available.  This is a concise and easy to follow book with plenty of working and scribble space.  It addresses the main areas to consider to be well prepared for issues specific to end of life.  For example, administrative and legal issues such as Wills and Powers of Attorney; preferences on where you might want to live; medical care planning and, most importantly, how to get started and how to talk about these issues with everyone. 

The book is divided into clear topic areas, all of which have a brief explanation, a worked example and then plenty of space to start to clarify what matters most to you, make a note and how to set about telling those that need to know.  Essential for those that want to crystalise their own thoughts and feelings for their future into practical guidance.

Available from our on-line shop or locally at Samways and Sweet Charity.



Even if you are very clear about what you want and how it will be achieved and have made every plan you think is needed, remember to let people know what and where these are.  Other people may also be a great place to ask for help in ideas of what to do and how.

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