The Nurse's Cottage Fund

The Nurse's Cottage Fund is a registered charity available to help in the immediate area of HP1.  It makes grants to locally based sick or infirm who are unable to afford the costs of medical equipment or other items needed for treatment or well being.

Funds are only available within the local area to those unable to obtain funds from a government agency.  Each case is considered by the trustees individually who will ask for information of circumstance including finances.  All details are treated in the strictest confidence.

Contact Mike Connolly, secretary to the Trustees, 01296 620252 for any further details or to make an application.

Finity is grateful for support of the Fund to enable us to run the workshops and develop a programme for the community to support people in their planning of end of life care.  


What is The Nurse's Cottage Fund?

The Nurse's Cottage Fund is a local charity, which has its origins in the 1930s when funds were raised to provide a cottage for the district nurse who served the residents of Great Missenden and the surrounding area.  In 1958 the cottage was no longer needed for a nurse and the existing charity was formed in order that the rental income from the cottage could be used to help those living in the local community who were sick or infirm and in need of financial help.

In 2000 the cottage was sold and the Fund's income now comes from the investments made from the proceeds of the sale.

In 2012 a similar but smaller charity called the Prestwood Relief in Sickness Fund, transferred the balance of their funds to the Nurse's Cottage Fund so that the money could be managed more effectively.

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