Organ & body donation

Body donation

An agreement must already be in place with an individual institution.  This agreement can only have been made between the institution and the person who has died.  The institution may not be able to take the body but they should be contacted as soon as possible.

Some people chose to donate their whole body for research and science.  This needs to be a decision that they made before they died and a document is signed by a witness.  A body cannot be donated without this person’s authority before death, for example by a power of attorney.  Even with this document, it may not always be possible for the institution to accept a body, for a variety of reasons.  If the documents are accepted, the education establishment needs to be notified as soon as possible to make arrangements.  

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Organ donation

96% of us would take an organ if we needed one.

29% of us have joined the organ donor register.

Most medical conditions don’t rule you out.

If you know that registration was made, or if no decision was made and you feel able to consider organ donation, ask your GP to help with the procedures.  Arrangements need to be made as early as possible.

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