About us

Finity was founded in 2013 to give the local community the opportunity to consider and explore end of life issues.  Now a constituted community voluntary association, Finity has developed and run a variety of arts and information events across the local community. 

Why are we needed?

There is a taboo on talking about death and therefore a block to making any plans.  Talking about death doesn't bring it any closer.  Whether death seems close or far off, facing up to and discussing these issues gives a sense of freedom that then allows us to live life to the full.  A lack of conversation is perhaps the most important reason why peoples’ wishes go ignored or unfulfilled; if we do not know how to communicate what we want, and those around us do not know how to listen, it is almost impossible to express a clear choice.

What do we do?

We run a variety of events and develop materials to introduce the topics of dying death and loss across the community.  This includes:

  • The workshop series for people to consider all aspects of planning in advance.

  • A manual “Caring for Life, Preparing for Death. A workshop manual for facilitators”.  Both paper and electronic copies are available through our online shop.

  • "My End of Life Plans".  A workbook for individuals to record their wishes (in development)

  • Presentations to those in caring professions about communicating about death and dying

  • Forum theatre in secondary schools

  • Puppet theatre presentations in primary schools

  • Arts and information events


Additional information